Thursday, May 31, 2012

Katie Anne's Tennis and Swim Camp

This week, Katie Anne went to tennis and swim camp at the Country Club.  VJ has been taking Katie Anne to tennis lessons with Mysti Lancaster at the club for several months, and Katie Anne's really good at tennis! This summer, VJ wanted to send KA to tennis and swim camp, and Katie Anne was so excited about it!  She couldn't wait for Tuesday to arrive so she could go.  

 A little nervous and very excited!

She did an awesome job at tennis - Mysti said that she's got excellent ability and a real future as a tennis player if she continues learning and practicing.  

KA struggled a little with the swim portion at the beginning of the week - she was a little afraid of the water and insisted she couldn't swim.  She was still relying on a swim ring by Friday, but she was jumping off the diving board and putting her face underwater, so we're really proud of her progress!  
 Getting a medal from Mrs. Mysti!

 KA was so proud!

Most importantly, she had an awesome time and felt like a really big girl this week!  

Thanks so much to VJ for this experience!

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