Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Surprises!

Last night, after I got SJ in bed, Saunders and Katie Anne told me to go to bed early - I could read, sleep, or play on the iPad, but I couldn't get up because they were working on something special.  So, I read a magazine for a few minutes, then I hit the sack early!  What a treat!

This morning, I woke up to a big surprise - a babysitter in my bed!  That's right, when I opened my eyes, I saw Katie Anne sitting in Saunders's place, watching me.  She was there to make sure I didn't get up and go into the kitchen while Saunders was gone.  Finally, when Saunders got back from wherever he'd gone, I was able to get up and go into the kitchen to see what all they'd been doing...

Saunders and Katie Anne had made a big surprise for me!  They had set out all the things that the kids had made me at school on the kitchen table.  Katie Anne had drawn me two special pictures the night before, too.  Then, they'd put out two special presents that they'd bought for me.  Saunders had gone to get CinnaStack pancakes from IHop - my favorite! - and a big coffee from Starbucks for me!  

What a Mother's Day!  I was totally surprised and shocked.  It is my best Mother's Day by far!
We enjoyed our delicious breakfast, and then I got to open my presents.  I got great crafts, cards, and drawings that the kids had made at school, and my two official presents were awesome!  I got a new running watch and Saunders had SJ's blue stone added to my family necklace.  I love them both!  It was such a great way to start my Mother's Day!

My two sweet reasons for celebrating Mother's Day!

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