Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Keeping Caroline!

This week, Jillian was working on a special project for Greg for Father's Day.  She needed to use the printer at my parents' house, so she asked if I could watch Caroline for a little bit while she worked on it.  Of course, the kids and I were happy to let little Caroline hang out with us!  She was excellent while she was here - never shed a tear!  (Although, she did do some of her normal squealing, which worried SJ until he realized that was a happy sound!)  She loved playing with the kids' toys and the sensory bottles that we'd made.

All three kids!
 Just the girls!
 Katie Anne took this one of me, SJ, and Caroline.

 Big fake smile - but he was so happy that Caroline was here!
 Playing together

Caroline had fun here, and we had fun having her here  - she can come stay with us anytime!

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