Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mamaw and Zach's Birthday Party

This afternoon, we got together with my extended family at Gigi and Granddad's house to celebrate Mamaw and Zach's birthdays!  (Both Mamaw and Zach were born on June 8th.)  Randy cooked all the food himself, and it was so yummy - barbeque, ham, mac n cheese, green beans, baked beans, and more!  My mom made two delicious desserts - strawberry shortcake trifle and an icecream cake - and we had a golf-themed birthday cake for Zach, too.  My mom had several games for us to play, and we had a pinata for the kids to bust.  Mamaw and Zach got lots of fun presents, too.  It was a great family party!

Enjoying the delicious dinner!

Angela and me
David and Johnny B.
Randy and Mamaw

Time to open presents!

The birthday people - Mamaw and Zach!

Yes, Mamaw got a thong - Jodi, Jason, and Marley sent this gag gift (we hope!) from Arizona!

Caroline's eyes match her daddy's shirt!
SJ looks too grown up in this picture!

Game time!
In this first game, the winner was whoever could pull out all the tissues from the box one by one.
Obviously, Saunders and I didn't understand the rules of the game because we didn't win.  ;)
SJ loved this game!
He constantly wants to pull wipes and tissues out of their containers, so he couldn't believe someone was actually encouraging him to do it!
Feldman kids show their game faces before the next game starts!
My mom found this game on Pinterest - all the books of the New Testament are written on cups.  You have one minute to put the cups in order based on the books.
Ashley and Angela face off.
Then, it was the Glawson kid showdown!
Greg thinks fast...
but not this fast.
New Testament Books Champion!  Oh yeah!
Time for the next game - mummy wrapping with toilet paper!

Hailey seems to be enjoying tying up her dad in a torturous pose a little too much.  :)
Andy and I are mummified!

Time for cake!

Final activity - pinata busting!  
Ashley takes her turn-
SJ gives it a whack-
Logan at the bat-
Birthday boy takes a swing-
KA gives it a beating-
It was Hailey who brought it down!
Candy for all!
The Slugger Champion!

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