Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SJ's Got a Brand-New Bag!

As has been previously documented, SJ loves to carry a purse ... a murse ... a man-bag.  

He thinks that he needs a bag to leave the house, and lately I've been agreeing with him.  He likes to take a drink, snack, extra pacis, and several toys with him everywhere he goes, and it's getting to be a lot to carry for me.  Katie Anne likes to carry a drink, snack, Peach, and a few books or toys, too - and she usually puts them in a little bag.  I always carry my purse or diaper bag, so I understand why SJ thinks he needs one, too.  His bag of choice for the last few weeks has been a hot pink Dora bag (that belongs to Sissy - and she doesn't like him using it).  He actually doesn't have any little tote bags of his own, and somehow KA has about 6 that are hers.  So, today at Target, we hit the dollar section to find SJ some kind of boyish little cheap tote bag to call his own!

We were limited on choices - all Target had was those Mr. Men characters in the tote bags selection. But, we were able to find a "Mr. Happy" bag that we think suits SJ's personality and needs!  

 Of course, Sissy needed another tote bag, too.  She got Little Miss Chatterbox - very fitting.  :) 

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cindy glawson said...

LOL! That last smile from SJ is hilarious!