Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Father's Day

This year, I couldn't think of any good ideas for Father's Day.  Saunders had done such a good job on Mother's Day this year that the pressure was really on, and I had no good ideas!  Also, about 2 weeks before Father's Day, Saunders told me that he'd already bought his own present - a new gun holster!  So, that took the option of thinking of an awesome gift out of the equation, too.  (We did get him several small things, though.)  So, I was stumped.

I went to my mom and Jillian for help, and they helped me brainstorm a lot of good ideas.  I finally settled on a dessert for breakfast theme.  We were going to have waffles with ice cream and bananas... sort of an ice cream sundae meets breakfast combo.  Then, we'd have all the toppings for a make-your-own sundae bar!  The kids got very excited about this idea.  We went shopping for all the ingredients and spent several afternoons making decorations for Father's Day!

We also made all-about-Daddy books.  The kids filled in the blanks and drew pictures to illustrate.  They were cute and funny!  Katie Anne put a lot of thought into hers and got lots of answers right about Daddy... but she did guess that Daddy weighed 40 pounds!  SJ's answers were hilarious... most of them were "bank" and "eat eat!"  According to him, Daddy works and eats and works and eats!

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cindy glawson said...

Such smart babies! I love the fact that they love to do crafts. They come from a long line of crafters!