Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sun Catcher Art Project

Today, we made a fun sun catcher project.  Trisha and Carlton gave this project to the kids a few weeks ago, and they loved doing it! 

 Each kid made one sun catcher for their own room, and then they made one each for Caroline's room and one each for Lori's room.  

Katie Anne did an awesome job!  She is so crafty.  Her sun catchers looked beautiful.

SJ worked really hard and did a lot better than I thought.  He was very careful and didn't make much of a mess, and his looked really good!

In the oven, baking away!

All finished - they look awesome!  The unicorn is KA's to keep, and she made the puppy for Caroline and the crown for Lori.  The "Lightning McQueen" car is for SJ to keep, and he made the horse for Caroline and the rocket for Lori.

I didn't get a picture of SJ with his finished products because he was already napping by the time they'd cooled, but KA was proud to show her creations off!

The kids can't wait to give their sun catchers to their cousins!


kim said...

Hi...wondering where you found the McQueen suncatcher? I've been googling for 20 min, and just found your blog! :)


Katie Jones said...

Hi Kim,
I'm not sure exactly where the Lightning McQueen sun catcher came from. These were sun catcher kits, and they were gifts. But I think I've seen the McQueen one as part of a kit on The Lakeside Collection, so maybe you can try googling that. Hope that helps!