Friday, June 22, 2012

Meeting Baby Loretta June!

On the way down to the beach for our vacation, we stopped halfway in Moultrie to spend some time with Carlton and Trisha... and meet the three-week-old Loretta June Jones!  We were so excited to see Baby Lori (or Baby LuLu as SJ had already nicknamed her) in person!  

We actually met Carlton, Trisha, and Lori at a Mexican restaurant for dinner first.  Then, we went back over to their house to spend some time with Baby LuLu!  When we were looking at Lori's nursery, SJ spotted a "MiMi Mouse" in a basket.  He immediately grabbed it, and I thought he just wanted to hold it.  But, he ran hard with it straight to Baby Lori, and he gave it to her to hold!   Such a sweet boy... he loves babies!

I think she likes it!

We all got to hold Baby Lori - even the kids!  She is so sweet!
Look at KA's excited face!

Baby Lori and Uncle Saunders!
Both kids had picked out a little something special for Baby Lori, and they enjoyed giving their gifts to Carlton and Trisha for her.

We spent the night at a hotel in Moultrie, and thank goodness we did- these two tiny kids were wild and wired and stayed up late!  They would've kept Baby LuLu up all night!
Wild man!
Finally ready to crash!

On Saturday morning, we went back to see Baby Lori before we headed down to the beach at lunchtime.  She was so sweet - she rocked and napped in her swing like such a sweet girl.  We loved getting to spend time with her!

One more little cuddle, and then we had to leave!  Can't wait to hold this little lady again in a week!

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