Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adventures in Ponytail Land

Yesterday, we were at a hair style crossroads. We've been trying to let Katie Anne's hair grow out to be all one length, so we haven't been cutting her bangs or the hair on top of her head at all. We've just been trimming the back to keep it from taking a turn down the mullet road while we waited on the top to catch up.

Well, we've been noticing that KA is looking a little like "business up front, party in the back" lately, so Saunders and I decided to make the decision to cut or not to cut yesterday. We've been commenting at bath time lately that her hair looks almost long enough for a ponytail, which would be easy and awesome for daycare. So, we tested the ponytail yesterday and let its success or failure be our guide. Here are the adventures of Katie Anne's first ponytail!

The still-damp ponytail at home before heading
out for a Saturday morning of errands.

The ponytail at breakfast at IHOP.

The ponytail outside IHOP while waiting on
Daddy to pay for breakfast. Looking a little windblown,
but still hanging in there.

The ponytail at Publix. This is after an in-cart redo
or two. Looking a little rough here.

Well, after 4 hours of ponytailing it, Saunders and I made the decision to forget the pony for now and just cut the mullet. It looked really cute once it dried, but it was VERY hard for me to get it done, and she didn't want to sit still for that long. Also, it did not stand up to the wind test or the scrub-your-head-on-the-carseat-in-anger test. I don't think it would last long in daycare. So, last night, we trimmed KA's hair back down to the little bob, and it looks really cute. Hopefully, she'll be ponytailing it in earnest in a few more months!


Staceybby said...

Ok, so now we need pictures of the new "bob" haircut!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Ditto that....I love the little ponytail though! She looks like she needs a little swaeter tied around her shoulders! Maybe then she could go on a date with "Middle-Aged-Buisnessman" HAHA

Carrie Beth said...

I agree with the other two...we need to see a picture of her new do!