Sunday, August 31, 2008

GO Dawgs!

This weekend, we headed up to A-Town to see the Dawgs play! We were so excited to kick off the football season with UGA's opener against Ga Southern.

On Friday afternoon after work, we drove (in major traffic) to Athens to make a night of it. Jason and Erin Jolly went with us, and we had a blast having an adults-only night out downtown! (Both little girls were home with grandparents.) We went to DePalmas and had amazing pasta, pizza, and more. We scarfed down all our old favorites... white sauce pizza, salad, Seafood Charmaine, Pasta DePalma, prosciutto-wrapped shrimp. Then, we went to Walker's and had some drinks... well, we all BOUGHT drinks, but some of us did not/could not drink them. :) Jason bought me a coffee drink, and it was the bartender's first time making it. That sucker was about the strongest thing any of us had tasted... or smelled! You could've sanitized medical equipment with that thing. I tried Erin's and liked it, so I decided to try another one. I should've just gotten the same thing Erin had, but I picked something else. Saunders went back and got me another one... which I also did not like. So, I slurped all the whipped cream off the top and basically wasted $12 on unfinished coffee drinks. Plus, to top it all off, I failed as a wife and let some bar employee clear Saunders's half-finished beer while he was in the restroom. Little did I know that was the ultimate slap in the face... to let someone take away a half-full bottle of Bass while you're in the restroom. Oh, well... now we know!

It was a classic Classic City night... great food, great friends, loud music, stinky trashcans lining the street, lots of laughs, good drinks (as long as I stuck to my classic Midori Sour I was fine), and lots of wild college kids making us feel old! We missed the babies, but we did have fun going out. We stayed out until after 1:00 AM, which is pretty impressive for me since I've been tucking it in at about 9:00 lately!

Saturday morning, we hung out around the condo for a while, and then headed down to Sanford Stadium. It was incredibly hot out there, and we were all pouring sweat by the time we made it to our seats. The pregame show was great... I made a video, but it is too long for blogger to handle. I get so pumped up when they play the "Saturday, Saturday" montage and the crowd goes crazy when the team runs into the stadium, and of course the Larry Munson- narrated "Heroes Have Graced the Field" montage brings a tear to the eye every time. We got to see the new Uga as he was brought into the stadium for the first time- that was so exciting! He is really cute and seemed to enjoy his doghouse and ice bag combo throughout the game. The Dawgs played well, esp. the offense. We hated to see the third and fourth stringers giving away some points at the end of the game, but it was good to let a lot of people see playing time and get their feet wet when they had a chance.

After the game, we packed up all our stuff and got ready to head back. Since we didn't have cable at the condo, everyone wanted to get back to watch Alabama vs. Clemson that night. We stopped at the Athens' RuSan's for sushi, and we have converted Erin and Jason into RuSan's fans.

There was no traffic driving back, so that was great, and we made it home just after Alabama and Clemson kicked off, so it was perfect timing! We had such a fun weekend together, and it was a great way to start what should be a fun season!

Like a sea of hot, sweaty people.

Here comes the new Uga VII!

Uga VII on the Jumbotron.

Here come the Dawgs!


Carrie Beth said...

Looks like you all had a GREAT time. I miss those gamedays and can't wait to make it up to Athens ths fall!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Wonderful job commenting on all the fun this weekend! We had a blast and have been having sushi dreams--haha! I will miss signaling with you this week!

Saunders said...

Go Dawgs!!!!!

Saunders III said...

I'm still pissed about my beer... =)