Monday, August 11, 2008

Cindy's Birthday Saturday!

We continued Mom's 50th Birthday Extravaganza on Saturday with a boat trip out on the lake and dinner at Mamaw's! We had a blast out on the boat. Daddy, Saunders, and Jillian were brave enough to try out the slide, and we all were brave enough to get in the lake water! The McWhorters joined us out on the water for a little while, and we all enjoyed a big boat lunch that Cindy and Thomas brought with them- big hoagie sandwiches, lots of different picnic salads, deviled eggs, yum!

Momma & Katie Anne - ready for the water!

Greg & Jillian check out the bar

Saunders, Katie Anne, and Mom

Stylin' and profilin'

Cindy & Thomas drive the boat

Is there food in here or what?

Just chillin' on the lake

That evening, we had dinner at Mamaw and Randy's. They made a delicious dinner of kabobs, shrimp, scallops, delicious veggies, and my favorite- cobbler! Blackberry this time, and boy was it good. We ate SO MUCH food. Then, Mom got her "big" gifts- a big red beverage jar with spout and a new set of dishes for 8, including bowls, big plates, and little plates. We had a great time, but we are so tired! It was party all the time this weekend!

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