Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Other "Baby"

Katie Anne is growing up so fast, becoming more and more independent… but fear not- we are not baby-less. Ginger is still a total baby- she wants to be held, loves to be carried around, and cries if she gets upset. Today, Saunders decided to truly show off her baby side while we were folding clothes in Katie Anne’s bedroom- he dressed Ginger in one of Katie Anne’s plain white onesies! Of course, being the attention hound that she is, Ginger loved it. Katie Anne thought it was TOTALLY hilarious. Here are a few pictures of Ginger modeling the baby look.

And, just so our oldest child doesn’t feel unloved, here’s a picture of lil’ old Abby, being sweet as always…

And here’s a picture of her thinking, “When am I getting to eat again?!”

1 comment:

SGiles said...

Too funny! We have two cats...one would probably fit into Hannah's 3month onesies...Ella, our "fat" cat is more like a 24 month kind of gal!!!