Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New UGA Clothes

Doc and VJ bought Katie Anne several new UGA outfits. She’s got a complete Georgia trousseau now! She’s prepared for the football season with several cheerleading outfits, a UGA dress, a sweatshirt, and a warm-up suit. Here are some pictures of her in two of her new cheerleading outfits. We can’t wait to dress her up and take her to Athens this fall!

I like it!

Petting a fake Uga in Doc and VJ’s living room.

Checking out her new necklace that VJ brought her from Arizona.

Cheerleading Outfit #2

Little Georgia Fan!


Jillian said...

TOOOO CUTE!!! I love them both!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Fantastic!! I was checking out the UGA catalog today thinking about what I should buy Ella! Katie Anne looks adorable!

The Dillards said...

I love it! Carter already has a slew of outfits to honor his mommy and Aunt Meredith's alma mater as well. Every youngster has to have full stock UGA apparel to be in style!

SGiles said...

Too cute!!! I love the cheering outfits!!

Josh said...

She looks good- great would be with a big A on the chest instead of the G. Then she would 23 SEC rings and 12 NCAA rings to go with the letter. UGA is close- 1 NCAA, 7 or 8 SEC?

UGA motto- "next year is our year."