Thursday, August 14, 2008

We Love The Wii!

Last week, we got a Nintendo Wii. I have actually been wanting a Wii for several years, even before they were produced. I read a very interesting article in Business Week about the two heads of Nintendo and their plan for this new, active video gaming system. (Let me just say here that, when I told Saunders about it at the time, he thought it was a stupid idea. Boo!)

Well, when the Wii came out, we wanted one, but we didn't want one badly enough to wait in long lines and fight parents of preteens for one. We've seen them at Costco a few times, but we just couldn't bite the bullet and pay that price. Then, last week, a friend of ours emailed Saunders that he wanted to sell his three-month-old Wii, extra controllers, and games for a great price! So, we now are the proud owners of a gently-used Wii.

We figured we would like it, but we had no idea how FUN it really is! We rented Tiger Woods Golf, and we played it as much as we could over the weekend and beginning of the week. We love the Wii Sports that comes free with the system, even though it is very cartoon-y. It is still really fun, and I am great at the bowling! (I also hit a hole-in-one in golf... which should tell you that, while fun, the Wii skill set is not transferable to real life.) Katie Anne even says "Wii" now!

I can't wait to get the Wii Fit and Mario Kart, but those things are really hard to find. We are on the market if any other of our friends are interested in selling gently-used versions of those!!! :)

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Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

I got Jason one for Father's Day (or should I say, Ella got him one). He loves it! We only have the sports games, so I am not really that into it. I am hoping he will get some other games that I might like. He did get guitar hero and that is fun:)If you have any fun game suggestions, let me know!