Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 55th Birthday, Granddad!

Last Saturday night, we had a birthday party for my dad's 55th birthday.  Katie Anne's party plan had been a "camping" theme, complete with a fire in a fire pit (which was something my parents had asked for at Christmas, and which was what we'd gotten my dad as his present), roasting marshmellows, flashlights, and setting up a big tent in my parents' backyard.  Unfortunately for the little party planner, the big snow (which was in the mid-melt stage Saturday night) threw off her party plans.  So, we went with a Mexican theme instead, and it was just as good!  Don't worry, the idea for the party hasn't been completed shelved - I've heard the camping theme has been moved to my 29th birthday, so we'll get to do all those fun things in June!

We started with dinner at El Nopal, and it was really delicious!  

My dad got to wear the birthday sombrero, and they put icing on his face while they were singing!  Katie Anne thought this was all hilarious.
Granddad wasn't quite so sure it was as funny as we thought it was ...
but he was a good sport about it anyway!

After dinner, we headed back to my parents' house for dessert and presents.  Granddad was very surprised to get the firepit from us!

Happy Birthday to you!!!

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