Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making Valentines

This year, Katie Anne and I decided to make handmade Valentine's cards for all our family and friends.  I got inspired by an idea I'd actually seen for Christmas ornaments, but I thought it would make a great Valentine, too.  It took us about four days to make our Valentines (not counting Mommy's prep-work before punching out the hearts and cutting the construction paper and addressing the envelopes), and we had a great time doing it!
Painting her hand
Making prints
Day 1: One side of each heart finished
Day 2: Ready to get started!
Ewww round II!
Printing the second side of the hearts
Day 2: All the hearts finished
Then, we had to glue all the hearts to our construction paper.  Both of us definitely looked a little end-of-the-day rough on Day 3, so we didn't make pictures of the gluing.  Finally, I wrote "Happy Valentine's Day!" and "Love, Katie Anne" on each Valentine, and got them all in the envelopes, ready to go!
Now, dear hearts, here is where the Valentine's process broke down for our precious Jones family.  Why, you ask?  And, why - you say - did I not receive one of these beautiful Katie Anne Valentines?  
Well, here's the reason - because those precious little Valentines are...
all addressed and ready to go...
and still sitting...
in the passenger seat...
of Saunders's car.
Yes, you read that right.  
I need to say no more, I'm sure.
So, they are supposedly going in the mail Tuesday.  

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Carrie Beth said...

I just got all caught up on your blog. Love these cute Valentines! I mighty borrow that idea for next year. Katie Anne's Valentine dress was adorable. I remember seeing the pics from last year.