Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Carlton!

Last night, we celebrated Carlton's 27th birthday.  
 Katie Anne wanted Carlton to have a laptop party - she wanted everyone to bring their laptops and play online games, which is hilarious because that's what Carlton loves to do!  Well, we didn't take the party to that level, but Vicki did get Carlton a very cute laptop cake - and Katie Anne did bring her Barbie laptop just in case!
Earlier in the day, Saunders had gone with his dad, Carlton, and Carlton's father-in-law and future brother-in-law to the shooting range for a little guy's day out.  Then, we all met up at the Joneses' house that evening.  We had a yummy dinner of steaks, hashbrown casserole, meatballs, Agan's rolls, carrots and onions, and several of tasty dips before the meal - lots of Carlton's favorite things!  For dessert, there was cookie cake, ice cream, and Agan's cookies.  Everyone had a fun time talking, eating, and catching up!
Time for dessert!  Carlton blowing out his candles...
Vicki getting ice cream for everyone
Yummy cookie cake and ice cream!
 Black icing makes for a black tongue!
Carlton opening his presents - and showing off his card from Katie Anne


Jillian said...

Man...that cake is AWESOME! What a fun party!

cindy glawson said...

Not only can Katie Anne plan a tremendous party, she can make the star card too! What a cutie!