Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day!

Yesterday, after we got home from the Valentine's party, the snow started to fall while Katie Anne and I were eating lunch.  We opened all the blinds so we could see it, and we were very excited about it - it was so beautiful!  We were really crossing our fingers that it would stick and we'd be able to go out and play in it.  
Well - our wish came true! After Katie Anne's nap, we'd already gotten an inch or two of accumulation, and it would wind up being over 3 inches by the next morning!  So, we headed out into the snow before Daddy got home to play.  
Katie Anne absolutely LOVED it.  She had a blast running around, making snowballs and busting me with them, and building a snowman.  We played outside for more than an hour!

Getting dressed in her snow bibs.  :)  She was beyond excited at this point. 
Even her snow gear is UGA-themed!  
(Really, that was just coincidence.  They're hand-me-downs from our friend Sarah.)
While she was getting her boots on, she told me exactly how we'd build our snowman.
Tasting the snow!
Doing a happy dance
I love how our house looks in the snow
Abby is crazy about the snow - she ran around like a puppy outside
Snow dogs!
Working on our snowman
Waving at Ginger, who'd gone back inside to warm up
Making a snowball...
Sneaking over to Mommy...
And grinning after she'd busted me with it!  What a stinker!
What happened when I tried to strike back?  She ran away!
That's a lot of snow!

Showing off her "snow baby" - she rocked it, fed it snow, and put it to bed in a "snow crib" that she made on the front steps.
We had so much fun outside!
We came back in, changed into warmer clothes, and had a snack.  There's nothing like Valentine's cookies from Agan's Bakery and a big, frosty glass of milk to finish off a fun snowy afternoon!

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cindy glawson said...

I love the snow baby! The snow was beautiful!