Saturday, February 27, 2010

Park Playdate

We've been lucky to have nice, sunny weather on the weekends, so Katie Anne and I have taken advantage of it by meeting our friends Vanessa, Lily, and Bear at the park to play!  We start with a picnic lunch, and then the kids are off to the races.  They have a great time playing together and running all over the place.  
The cutest part of these playdates is the big difference between Lily and Katie Anne's play last year and this year.  When we met in the summer and fall, Lily and Katie Anne loved to play on the playground, but they didn't play any other games.  Now, they play all kinds of "big kid" games like Hide and Go Seek, Tag, and Duck-Duck-Goose.  Bear joins in for a few rounds of Hide and Go Seek, too.  It is so cute to watch them play together!
We've got to sign this girl up for soccer in a year or two - she's got some skills!
Happy Lily!
Bear found you!
Bear's turn to hide... they love to recycle hiding places.
Tag - you're it!
 Sweet girls...

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cindy glawson said...

What sweet, sweet babies. Looks like so much fun.