Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Sadness...

Well, the beautiful snow is melting this afternoon.  Where there was 3 or 4 inches of powdery, fluffy snow this morning, there's just mush and mud and melting ice now.  I kind of wish the process of melting snow was instantaneous, because it is so depressing to watch that pretty snow turn into mud!

And, how does so much fun in the snow also create so much laundry?!?
 I'm currently on load #3 from this morning!

Now, it's nap time, Saunders has gone with my brother and dad to the shooting range for my dad's birthday, and I'm sitting in a quiet house listening to the snowy water drip off the roof onto the deck.  It does make me sad that the snow is melting, but I am glad that we had it.  We were really hoping to get to show Katie Anne some snow this year, and now we have - and she loved it!  We had a great time together playing in the snow, and now I'll just sit here and enjoy my quiet house - and enjoy another Agan's cookie and milk - and watch the last of the snow melt away!

Plus, my snow sadness can't last two long, because our exciting weekend continues.  Tonight, we're celebrating my dad's birthday.  Tomorrow, it's Valentine's Day, and we're headed to the circus with Katie Anne for the first time!  So, we've got lots of fun ahead - and of course, lots of pictures to come!


Carrie Beth said...

Looks like you all had so much fun in the snow! We loved it to. I'm glad we don't live somewhere that has snow all the time though because I'd never be able to keep up with all the laundry!

The Brown Family said...

Hey! We went to the circus today too! And no, I haven't gone a-wall my modem has been screwy and nearly every time I get online I get the boot so I wasn't about to be cought mid blog and then ...... But I am back now and in business
(Addison told the tight-wire walker guy "Be careful Katie Anne"--poor kid she still thinks that is one phrase)