Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, we went to the Country Club for our annual Easter brunch and egg hunt with Saunders's family.  We met Doc, VJ, and Grandmama for a yummy brunch of the traditional favorites.  Katie Anne did a wonderful job at the table - she was on her best behavior, ate a good breakfast, and she loved reading her giant Disney princess story book quietly while the adults ate.  

SJ did a great job at the table, too - he ate his breakfast quietly, chatted with everyone for a bit, and then he took a little nap while he was drinking from his sippy cup!


Here are some pictures of Saunders and his family at brunch...

It was a little bit hard for me to be cheerful with everything that had gone on recently, but I really wanted to enjoy SJ's first Easter and Katie Anne's first time in the "big kid" hunt, so I did my best. 

After breakfast, it was time for the hunt - or "the running of the children", as Doc calls it.  It was Katie Anne's first time moving up to the 4-7 year old hunt, so I was a little bit nervous that she wouldn't be able to keep up since she just turned four.  Of course, that shouldn't have been a concern - she's an egg hunting pro!  She had a great time and had no problem keeping up with the big kids.  She got to hunt with Lily this year, so she was very happy about that!   Here are both pretty girls, patiently waiting for the egg hunt to begin!
 When the Easter Bunny told the kids it was time to start, Lily and KA took off running, and poor Lily tripped over the rope and lost her footing!  I was snap-snap-snapping away down field a bit, and I caught the moment she went down!
 Of course, Katie Anne almost stepped on Lily, and then fell right next to her!
 Katie Anne took less of a blow when the girls took their tumble, so she jumped back up and took off.
 The hunt was on, and she wasn't about to let some big kids sweep the field clean of eggs!
She did not forget about her fallen comrade, however.  Here she is, looking back and yelling, "Come on, Lily!!!"
 Lily had to get just a minute of tlc from her dad...
 and then she was ready to gather lots of eggs, too!
 KA on the hunt...
 Using her dress to help her hold more eggs...
I wonder where she gets that competitive nature!?!  You know her daddy was loving all this!  He said she's wearing cleats next year.  ;)
 Hunting with the Caswell boys...
Katie Anne even managed to find the prize egg in a hole...
Posing pretty with her basket full of eggs!
 Despite their initial fall, both girls managed to get lots and lots of Easter eggs.
 Bear came over to see what the girls had found, and they got a picture together.
 Then, SJ came over - he'd watched the hunting from the sidelines with Doc, VJ, and Grandmama.  They checked out the goodies in their baskets...
 and took such a sweet picture together!  I love this one!
 We got a good family picture in our color-coordinated teal, too.*
Then, it was time for Katie Anne to trade in her prize egg...
The kids in the three-and-under age group got baskets with stuffed animals inside, and Katie Anne was shocked when she was handed an envelope and not a basket.
Imagine her disappointment when she realized her envelope contained money and not a stuffed animal like the other kids!
Once we told her that money could just as easily buy a little basket and a stuffed bunny, she realized it was actually a prize worth having!  Haha!
Doc, Grandmama, and VJ with the kids:

*A note about our color-coordination... I always dress the kids to coordinate with me for picture purposes (because I'm cool like that).  I would be happy to get Saunders something that's at least in the same color family, too ... and I've done that a time or two, but he usually thinks that's way too goofy and prefers to dress himself.  So, he had no idea what the kids and I were wearing for Easter.  He already had this shirt, and he got dressed first on Saturday morning.  As soon as I saw him, I said, "Oh, no ... a giant Milwaukee's Best Light can is going to come out of the sky and crush you."  He wanted to change when he realized we were all wearing teal, but I wouldn't let him - it was too perfect to change!  I love it!  :)

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