Monday, April 18, 2011

SJ's First Word!

SJ has always been a very vocal baby who loves to chat, laugh, and yell out loud, but now we can add official "first worder" at seven months old to his list of verbose accomplishments!  

On Thursday of last week, SJ figured out how to make the /b/ sound.  Since then, he has hit the ground running with the b's!  First, it was just two days of babbling with b and saying "bub - bub - bub" over and over.  On Saturday morning, just after Saunders had left for the G-Day Game, SJ looked right over to the door and said "Bye-bye ... bye-bye."  Katie Anne and I were stunned!  When we asked him to repeat it, he politely obliged us for a couple of rounds of bye-bying.  We were so excited - SJ's first word!  Later that afternoon, I was able to make a video of SJ showing off his first word skills:
Since then, he's waved and said "Bye-bye" to two different people at the appropriate times (aka when they're actually leaving).  We also think he's trying to say "bite" as well while he's eating.  There's definitely more of a "buh" sound to his "bye-bye" and more of a "bi" sound to his "bite" (of course, no final /t/ yet there).  When he was eating some of Katie Anne's birthday cake, he said, "Mmmmm... bi." and gave a big grin.   That boy loves his cake - and talking, too!

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cindy glawson said...

How sweet! I have listened to this over and over this weekend. Baby SJ and his sweet little voice always makes me smile.