Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Katie Anne's Four Year Check-up

A few days ago, Katie Anne had her annual check-up at Dr. Ryan's office.  As usual, it was all good news for KA!
 *She was in a very silly mood while we waited on Dr. Ryan, so all the pictures in this post are of her being goofy!

Katie Anne is the picture of four-year-old health.  She weighs 40 pounds and is 44.5 inches tall ... that's 90% in weight and 95% in height for her age.  She's on the same growth track she's been on since birth (she's almost always 90% in both areas).  If she keeps growing at this rate, the chart predicts that she'll be 5'10" as an adult!  We are so lucky that Katie Anne is so incredibly healthy - she almost never goes to the doctor unless it's a well visit!  Knock on wood, but this kid's only had one sick visit in her entire life.  She's just healthy as a horse, and we certainly hope that trend continues for her!  
We got all our information and paperwork ready for pre-k, and Katie Anne passed her hearing, vision, and dental check on the first try.  Katie Anne met or surpassed all her developmental milestones, especially her counting - they finally told her to stop counting at 34!  She loved showing off her skipping skills, too - which made me proud, since skipping was a developmental milestone that I had to work on back when I was four!  (Hey, it's easy to confuse skipping with galloping, people.)  Dr. Ryan was very happy about several of her habits, including her self-reporting about always washing her hands, brushing her teeth, drinking lots of milk, and eating lots of different foods.  Her only areas to work on are using warm water to wash her hands (she told Dr. Ryan that she only uses cold water) and drinking too much apple juice.  Even though we cut it with water, she drinks way more than the suggested 6-8 oz per day.  So, she promised to cut back to one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon.  So far, she's keeping her promise and only drinking 8 oz of apple juice a day.
She got three shots at this appointment - which she did not enjoy at all.  She didn't cry too much at the time, but she complained and whined for days about her legs being sore.   A Hello Kitty bandaid seemed to reduce the pain tremendously, though ... so she was rocking the Hello Kitties for about four days after her visit!  The good news is that she won't need any more shots for about six years, so we've got a long time before we have to go through all that drama again!

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