Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greg & Jillian's Big Announcement!

On Sunday evening, after Katie Anne's birthday party, Greg and Jillian asked if all of us could go out to dinner together.  Hmmm... wonder why?  Could it be that Jillian is...

Yes, she is!  They had the cutest way of surprising us ... they gave each of the adults an Easter egg with a lucky penny and a scratch-off "lotto" card inside.  When we scratched off the card, we got the great news!  Baby Glawson is due in November!  We are all very excited!
 Katie Anne's totally pumped about having her very first first cousin!
SJ is excited, too!
They hoped it would be a total surprise, but we had a little idea that there might be a bun in the oven.  In my infinite Tom Collins-induced wisdom, I totally guessed it at last month's Bunco!  Hey, Jillian gave out a few easy clues ... frequent bathroom breaks, nausea, asking for Tums, bringing wine but not drinking it!?!  Come on, who asks for Tums and skips on their own wine?  Only a pregnant girl!  Jillian swore she wasn't pregnant at Bunco, but just in case ... my parents and I brought some little new baby presents for the new parents!  We kept them hidden until they'd announced the big news, then we busted them out!
We brought Greg and Jillian some baby toys...
And, my parents brought them a "My Daddy Rocks!" onesie!

Can't wait to meet Baby Glawson in November ... hopefully on 11.11.11!

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