Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Katie Anne's 4th Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we celebrated Katie Anne's fourth birthday with a party at our house.  Katie Anne wanted to have a costume party where her friends could play all her favorite games.  Her original idea was "Halloween in April" (her exact words!) with pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and the whole shebang, but I told her I didn't want to take the Halloween theme quite that far.  So, we settled on a fun dress-up party with a princess theme (because Katie Anne wanted to be a princess, of course) and playing chosen her games, too.  Everyone looked so cute dressed up in their costumes!

At 2:00 on Sunday afternoon, the party started with all the kids playing on Katie Anne's (and SJ's, too) new playset from Doc and VJ.  Everyone had a great time swinging, sliding, and playing together.  

Then, the kids played the games that Katie Anne wanted to try - Duck Duck Goose, Hide & Go Seek, and Freeze Tag.  Katie Anne said later that the games were the best time of the party for her! 
One of VJ's friends brought a horse to the party, too.

After games, it was time for snacks, cake, and ice cream and snacks - we had a princess cake from Agan's and lots of Katie Anne's favorite snacks like pretzels, fruit snacks, Goldfish, apples, grapes, and cheese.  

Then, Katie Anne got to open all her presents from her friends and family.  She got so many great things like dolls, toys, puzzles, movies, and cute clothes.  

These are just some of the pictures from the party.  To see more, click here to view an album of party photos.

It was a wonderful birthday party for Katie Anne!

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Camden said...

Happy Birthday Katie Anne!! <3 The Dents