Friday, April 6, 2012

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

Katie Anne and I tried a new way of dyeing Easter Eggs this year.  I'd seen the idea for using old silk neckties to die Easter Eggs, and KA and I thought that sounded like a lot of fun.  So, we headed off to the Goodwill in search of cheap silk ties!  We found quite a collection and brought them home with us.

We cut the ties into pieces and wrapped them tightly around the still-raw eggs.  This was careful work, and KA did a great job at it!


Once the eggs were all wrapped up, we were ready to put them into the water and boil them!

When the eggs were all cool, we unwrapped them to see what the transfer from the silk to the eggs had been.  We thought the results were pretty neat, and we definitely enjoyed the fun project together!

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