Saturday, April 14, 2012

Katie Anne's Birthday Party

Today, we celebrated Katie Anne's fifth birthday with a big party for friends and family!  

We waited until today because a lot of people were out of town over Spring Break, and the weekend following KA's birthday was Easter weekend.  Katie Anne had a hard time waiting for her "official" birthday party to arrive - but it was worth the wait!  She had a super time!

We held Katie Anne's party at Devil Rays Gym in Cartersville.  It's got a great big area for the kids to play with trampolines, three bouncy houses, slides, a foam pit, a climbing wall, and more!  We needed all that room because this was the first year that we've invited kids from Katie Anne's school in addition to all her outside-of-school friends.  We had a great turnout, and KA was thrilled to see so many of her favorite kids there to celebrate with her!  The kids had an amazing time running, jumping, and playing together!

Devil Rays also had a big party room for everyone.  We had lunch of pizza, chips, and fruit.  Then, it was time to celebrate with a giant cake!

Everyone had so much fun!

Here are some pictures of Katie Anne with her favorite people - her family and friends!

Katie Anne had such an amazing birthday party at Devil Rays with everyone!  After we got home, Katie Anne opened all the gifts that everyone had brought for her.  

She got so many wonderful things, and she loved them all!  She was so excited about the Squinkies, Legos, crafts, puzzles, games, dolls, clothes, gift certificates, and all the amazing things her generous family and friends had shared with her!

It was such a special day for the birthday girl!  Katie Anne is sad to see the fifth birthday celebration fun come to an end - she's had a great two weeks of celebrating!  We have enjoyed seeing all her big smiles and hearing her infectious giggle while she's celebrated becoming a "big kid" now!  We love you, Katie Anne!
If you can believe it, this isn't a fraction of all the birthday pictures I took.  To see more, click here to view the Facebook album... and even that's not all of them!  :)

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