Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Lunch and Egg Hunt with the Joneses

Today, we went to Easter lunch and to the egg hunt at the Country Club with Saunders's parents.  The kids had a great time and looked absolutely adorable!

It was a vintage Easter this year - both kids are wearing clothes from Saunders's and my childhoods.
 Katie Anne is wearing my Easter dress from when I was five years old.  She looked absolutely beautiful in it!

SJ is wearing a smocked shirt and shorts that VJ made.  VJ made one set for Saunders and one for Carlton, and they wore them as Easter outfits when they were little.  SJ looked so precious in the outfit!

The kids had a wonderful time hunting eggs.  This was the first year that SJ really participated in the hunt, and the kids were hunting in two different age brackets.  This meant a parenting challenge for Saunders and me!  We split up, with Saunders video taping SJ hunt and me taking snapshots of KA.  Then, since KA's hunt was much quicker than SJ's, I headed over to his side of the field to take some pictures of him.

  Afterwards, we got cute pictures of them!  

We also got a picture of Katie Anne and Lily - they've made hunting eggs together their own little tradition!

SJ was a bit of a pill after the egg hunt - good natured, but a bit naughty!  He loved dumping out his eggs, and Katie Anne sweetly helped him pick them up the first couple of times.  After the third time, she refused to help him - and we didn't blame her!

SJ also didn't want to go in for lunch, but we finally convinced him to join us.

Here are some pictures of the Jones family at lunch.  We enjoyed spending time with Grandmama, Doc, and VJ, but we missed Trisha and Carlton!

Katie Anne enjoyed seeing the Easter Bunny, but SJ was terrified!  He could barely eat his lunch.  He was clinging to my arm, hiding behind me, and constantly asking, "Where dat bunny go?"  Poor baby!

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