Thursday, April 5, 2012

Catch Air!

Today, we went to Catch Air - a really cute, big indoor play area in Kennesaw.  We met Heather and Addison and Heather's friend Melanie and her kids.  We also saw my college friend Carrie Beth and her three kiddos, too!  It was a great way to spend an overcast Spring Break day.  Both of the kids had a blast and were exhausted when we left!  Here are some pictures of the fun times!

 SJ having fun!
 KA having fun! 
 SJ on his favorite attraction - the rainbow slide!  He must've done this 100 times.
Addison liked the rainbow slide, too!
Katie Anne took a few turns on the rainbow slide, but she didn't get SJ's obsession with it.
Addison played blocks with SJ, and all he wanted to do was destroy her towers. I think she's thinking, "Thank goodness I don't have a little brother!"  :)

Cute kids!

 Katie Anne loved this carousel!  You had to run, jump, and hold on for dear life!

 SJ in a big kid bouncy house!
 It was hard to get many pictures of Katie Anne because she was SO busy and running from area to area SO fast, but I hung with SJ and got a few more of him.

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