Monday, April 2, 2012

Pigtails and Crewcuts!

One item on our Spring Break to-do list was haircuts for both kids.  SJ has had a few homemade haircuts, but I thought it was time for him to get a real trim from a professional.  He fights the home haircut pretty seriously, and I nicked his ear last time.  So, I was hoping that he would be more distracted with the Pigtails and Crewcuts atmosphere.  They have special chairs, tvs to watch, and lots of exciting things to look at while getting your haircut.  
Katie Anne didn't need much done to her hair, but she was very upset about getting a trim at all.  So, I thought she might accept a haircut better from a professional and enjoy it more in a fun atmosphere, too!

SJ's "before" shot - what a smile!
 Here they are- getting ready for their trims!
 Putting on the superhero cape
 He likes what he sees!
He's excited!
 Katie Anne got about an inch trimmed off her long locks.
 SJ got a lot trimmed off the sides, a little off the top, and a lot of shaping done to his 'do!
 Pretty serious and seriously pretty!
 Little man living it up!
  SJ started to get restless at the very end of his haircut, but a lollipop from his sweet stylist Ms. Swan!
 Time for his blow out!
 What a cutie!
 Look how sweet that new hair cut is!
 Precious boy!
 Katie Anne's trim looked fresh and neat, too!
 No need to worry, KA - she's still got her long, lovely locks!

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