Sunday, April 8, 2012

Special Easter Cake

For today's Easter celebration with my family, we are making a special cake for everyone to enjoy to celebrate Katie Anne's birthday.  Katie Anne was excited to pick out the theme of her cake.  She looked around Pinterest with me for Easter cake ideas, and she decided to go with a Peep cake with blue sky icing and little "nests" of icing and jelly beans.  She helped me with all the steps to make it... here she is mixing up the batter.

Then, she was ready to decorate it - her favorite part!

Then we had a little surprise!  SJ wanted to help decorate it, too!  SJ doesn't join us too often for crafty kitchen projects - partly because he doesn't like doing them and loses interest quickly, and partly because he's just not quite old enough.  However, we were all pleasantly surprised at the great job SJ did. The kids were so cute working together!

The blue sky turned out a little darker than we'd wanted - I think we added too much food coloring - but overall the cake was really cute!

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