Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chloe Enjoys The Classroom!

Here's a video of Chloe loving it in the classroom. She is so happy there! I am glad she's feeling comfortable. Chloe jerks on the door of her cage with her teeth to let me know that she's ready to roam free in the classroom, and we're all too happy to oblige her! She loves laying on the rug, exploring the library, and climbing around in the cubbies. The kids are still amazed (and slightly distracted) by her, but they're getting a lot better about working and letting her do her thing. They've also done a great job of watching their steps... so far, she's never been let out of the classroom door!

**When you watch this video, you'll get to hear a beautiful snippet of me teaching Saxon Phonics. As you can tell, it is both challenging and engaging. :) Anyone who's taught the heavily scripted Saxon knows what I mean. The rest of my lessons throughout the day are anything BUT scripted, so I'm giving Saxon its chance. My kids are doing well with it, so the formula does seem to work. Don't worry, we do branch out from this rote Q&A... just not while I'm simultaneously making a video. :)


Jillian said...

I want one!

ps- Where are the KA blogs? Sheesh, we haven't seen her in fo-eva!...post some so we can remember what she looks like =) See ya Friday!

Saunders said...

making a video of a rabbit AND teaching phonics.....simultaneously??(sp?)
somebody might be distracted by that!!!!!! love the rabbit!!!!