Friday, September 19, 2008

We're in AZ!

Saunders and I are in Arizona! We're visiting Saunders's little brother Carlton and his wife Trisha and my cousin Jodi, her husband Jason, and their daughter Marley... watching the Dawgs beat up on Arizona State on Saturday... checking out Sedona and Scottsdale and Phoenix and Tempe... and relaxing! One baby (Katie Anne) is with Gigi and Granddad, and the other babies (Abby and Ginger) are with Doc and VJ, and we're enjoying some adult time out west! Here are some pictures of us in the airport in ATL, getting ready to board our flight to Phoenix.


The Dillards said...

Oh! I am jealous. My cousin lives out in Tempe with her husband and her brother ( my other cousin) lives in Tucson. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know good things to do.

cindy glawson said...

Hope you are having fun. We are having a wonderful time with the sweet Katie Anne. She is so much fun!