Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Independent Reading

Katie Anne still loves us to read books to her, but lately she's really into "independent reading". She will bring a book to you, give it to you to read, go get her own book, sit beside you, and read it.

Sometimes she "reads" aloud, sometimes she reads silently to herself... but you are NEVER to read aloud when you are independent reading with Katie Anne- that is the ultimate in insulting to her, and it results in your book getting taken away and "Put Back!" Also, you must never close your book until she's done reading hers... you must keep flipping through pages, or else she will have to get up and help you open your book again in a very exasperated way. What a strict teacher she is! :) She also likes to independently read magazines while I read one... now I can get through a few pages of my latest People!

She will sit and independent read next to someone for a long time... five minutes at least, which is a long time in the world of a seventeen-month-old. It is very funny to us and cracks us up every time, but of course we don't let on to her that we find it funny because this is very serious to her. Here are some pictures of her reading with her daddy tonight.

Katie Anne reads Panda Bear, Panda Bear while Daddy
gets to enjoy Polar Bear, Polar Bear.

See? This ain't no joke, people.
This is READING.

Katie Anne reads about the animals for us.

Katie Anne points out important stuff for
us to take note of and remember.

Here, she's making the
"ssssss" sound for the snake.

Here, she's telling me this is a "ze-baa".

All that reading makes a girl thirsty...

And tired. Just flipping back for a little mid-book rest...

Oh, no! Daddy tickle attack!

** And are you wondering about Katie Anne's fashion choices? She's a toddler trendsetter... this look consists of one diaper (from a cheap generic box bought in an emergency moment that I'll be SO glad to see the last of) and a pair of her daddy's old athletic socks. She thinks the thigh-high legwarmer look is making a comeback this winter, and she wants credit for being the first to rock the look.


Trisha said...

I love the leg warmers!

Saunders said...

I think leg warmers are good. I wear them every day...of course they are socks and a bit shorter but who is being particular about that??? Hope you like AZ!!!

Carrie Beth said...

So sweet! It's great that she is so in to reading.