Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Day in Sedona

Today, Carlton, Trisha, Saunders, and I went to Sedona, Arizona. We walked around the town, checked out some shops, ate yummy burgers at The Cowboy Club, and took a trolley tour around the canyon. We saw some beautiful and impressive rock formations, and it was really neat to hear the tour guide say that all of this desert has been underwater many times over the last 330 million years! They've even found sea creature fossils in the limestone ledges. We had such a good time and laughed literally until we cried. Here are some pictures...

Carlton and Saunders in Carlton's living room before we left.

Trisha and me in front of their fireplace.
Approaching Sedona.

Saunders and me in The Cowboy Club.

Carlton and Trisha at lunch.

Waiting for the trolley in downtown Sedona.

This picture shows the Camel Rock formation (top left) and Snoopy Rock Formation (middle... Snoopy is laying on his "back" facing up in the air). You have to use your imagination a little bit.

Another neat rock formation.

Carlton checks out the surroundings.

Saunders in the National Forest.

Trisha and Carlton in front of the trolley.

All four of us!

Some big cacti.

Saunders wisely decides to touch a cactus.

Like brother, like brother...

Back on the trolley...

And, in probably the funniest story of the day, as we drove into Sedona, we spotted a souvenir shop that was flying a seagull windcatcher on a pole. Carlton said, "Look at that poor seagull. Isn't that a bird that flies over the ocean? Look, it's not making any progress. Must be one hell of a headwind." We were just stunned. Then, Saunders said, "Carlton, it's a puppet." :) Here's a picture of it... click to enlarge and see the seagull flying.

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cindy glawson said...

Great pictures. It looks like you are having a fun time. Katie Anne LOVES watching the video of you guys singing. Tell Carlton we laughed at the seagull story. FUNNY STUFF!!!!!