Monday, September 15, 2008

Jillian's Bachelorette Party!

On Friday night, we celebrated the end of Jillian's single days with a bachelorette party. It was a "girls' night in" at Jillian and Greg's house. Some of the bridesmaids - Chelsea, Kari, and I- helped throw it. (Well, technically, I'm the Best Woman... but of course that goes without saying- haha!) Several of Jillian's other friends came, and my sister-in-law Trisha came all the way from Arizona for the party! It is still nuts to me to think that I am about to have two sister-in-laws- Trisha and now Jillian!

We brought all brought snacks (Kari's were hilarious- very bachelorette worthy) and Jillian provided some tasty beverages. Later in the evening, Chelsea had arranged for a saleslady to come and show us some "Passion Party" wares. We all got to see some interesting products!

We had fun hanging out and playing some wild and crazy games! It was a great way to celebrate the upcoming wedding... only a few weeks away now!

Me and Kari (Jillian's sister-in-law):

The bride and wedding party girls:


Jillian said...

Fun times...fuuun times =)

Saunders said...
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