Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Hide!

Katie Anne's newest game is the "I Hide!" game. Following in the footsteps of her Uncle Greg, she loves to run away and hide at some opportune - and some not so opportune - moments. At any time, you can hear her squeal, "I Hide!" and run off. Her favorite hiding places are in the laundry room - she squeezes in between the door and washer or the wall and dryer- and the guest bathroom. Here are some pictures of our latest game.

Let the games begin!

Found her... hiding in laundry room!

Down the hallway we go! We shut the
doors to reduce the possible hiding places.

Into the bathroom! You can see the results of Katie Anne
"folding clothes" on the bathroom floor.

Oops- found! Run back out!

Cut through the dining room...

Back to the laundry room!

Whew- I'm tired, Momma! Let's take a break to
watch football with Daddy.

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