Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Living Room

Well, I mentioned in the Katie Anne's cleaning post that we were redoing our living room. Over the course of the last few weeks (long story... long wait for delivery), we've bought and had a new sofa delivered. We knew the couches we bought when we moved here wouldn't last forever because we were almost out of decorating money when we bought the cheapest option that would still look okay. Between lots of use, two dogs, my sweaty hands, and one kid, three years was all they had in them. Here's a picture of the old couches and arrangement.
We really wanted to lighten up the color and get something other than green, and we thought a sectional would work in this crazy living room with all its doors and windows. So, we picked out a buttery yellow-tan sectional.

It took two trips of trucks from the furniture store, a day of house sitting by Granddad and another day by Doc and VJ, and lots of angry phone calls to the store by Saunders, but all the pieces of the sectional finally arrived last week. We liked it when we saw it (we were in Athens when the last piece arrived), but we didn't LOVE it like we thought we would. Hmm... maybe it was the room arrangement? Here's some in-progress pictures (the chaise hadn't come in yet).

So, we totally rearranged the living room. Saunders earned a Boy Scout Handy Badge for single-handedly moving the cable outlet to the other side of the room! My parents brought "The Mayflower" as we call it... it is an old hutch that's been in our family forever that I've always loved and that's finally mine! We took out one end table and the top to our tv armoire... that's going to be repurposed as a bar in the basement, and Saunders wants to upsize our tv eventually. We moved everything around, and we are thrilled with the new arrangement. Why didn't we do this before? Here's the new view!

It looks so much bigger and so much better, and there's a ton more room for Katie Anne to run and play. She loves running all around the room and pushing her little vacuum, scooters, and little corn popper toy all over the floor. Everyone who's seen it said we should have done this long ago! Obviously, we aren't totally done... I've got a little touch-up painting to do where the tv rubbed against the wall, and I've got to hang some pictures over the couch and finish decorating the Mayflower, but we're close to being done. We are very happy with the changes!


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

I love it!! I can't wait to come lounge on it:)

Carrie Beth said...

It looks great!!!

Trisha said...

It looks soooo great! Sectional was such a good idea for that crazy room.