Monday, March 1, 2010

Lucky the Leprechaun

A special visitor came to our house this morning, early on the first day of March.  It was Lucky the Leprechaun, and he left Katie Anne a note on her nightstand to tell her that he'd hidden a magic gold egg somewhere in our house for her!
As soon as she woke up (literally as evidenced by the total KA bedhead), Katie Anne wanted to know what the paper on her nightstand said.
She was stunned to hear about the treasure hunt!
Each morning, Lucky hides the egg (filled with a treat) and leaves a clue on Katie Anne's nightstand to help her find the egg.  The game will continue until St. Patrick's Day.  This first morning, the clue was "Your special treat is hiding where you eat!"   She was sooo excited to go hunting her egg, and she immediately thought it was hidden around the kitchen table.
She spotted it!
Hooray!  The lucky egg!
What could be inside?
 Three cheers for Lucky the Leprechaun!


Kelly said...

Very cute idea!

Carrie Beth said...

What a cute idea! You are super mom!