Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doc's Birthday!

Last weekend, we celebrated Doc's 57th Birthday with two get-togethers!  We were taking advantage of Carlton and Trisha being in town to spend lots of time with the family.  First, the guys started the celebrating by taking Doc shooting on Saturday afternoon.  On Saturday night, we had dinner and swimming at Doc and VJ's house.  Then, on Sunday morning, we met for brunch at the Country Club.  It was a weekend full of birthday parties for Doc!

I didn't take any pictures on Saturday night - I actually had to work for part of the party and call all my first grade parents to let them know about Open House and the first day of school.  (Yes, I had to call them on Saturday - we were explicitly told to - and that stunk.  So, I asked Doc and VJ if they'd mind if I used their phone since their number is blocked from caller ID's.  No offense, but I don't want a lot of work-related phone calls during my maternity leave, know what I mean?)  I did get finished in time to at least take a quick dip in the pool before the crowd was ready to eat.  Everyone had a fun time swimming and eating dinner together!

I did take pictures of everyone at brunch at the club on Sunday!  Here are pictures from that celebration.

Doc opening his presents - he got a CD from us and a book from Carlton and Trisha.
The silly little poser!

*And I know the backlighting makes for rough pictures ... but I don't like to push the photo-phobic Jones fam too far in the picture taking arena by asking them to switch locations, so we work with what we've got.  Don't worry - I'll have them posing like pros in various locations around the club at every family function in a few years.  Baby steps.  :)


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

LOVE Katie Anne's dress:)

cindy glawson said...

Katie Anne is right about that head tilt. She really does look cute! Looks like a great birthday party.

apaprikao said...

That dress is adorable on Katie Anne!! Sorry about the rough lighting. She is so cute in her little pose! :)