Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saunders Jones IV is here!

Baby SJ4 is now officially the newest member of our little family!
He was born via scheduled c-section on Tuesday, August 17 at about 8:00 am.  He's a big boy - 8lb, 15 oz and 20.5 inches long.  The c-section went much better than I expected.  So far, it has been easier than my induced vaginal delivery and recovery from Katie Anne's birth!  Baby SJ4 is absolutely precious and is making it really easy on us parents - he's a great little sleeper, a good eater, and just so sweet to hold!

I'll do more posts later with details about his birth day and all of that, but for now I posted just a few of the pictures made of us yesterday.  To see more pictures - including SJ4 with his grandparents, one set of his aunts/uncles, and more of the super big sister KA - you can view my Facebook album by clicking here.  I'll add more pictures to that album soon!

Mommy and Daddy in pre-op:

Pictures from the actual c-section and Baby SJ4 right after he was born:

Mommy and Daddy holding SJ4 once we made it to our room after recovery:

Just a few pictures from Big Sister Katie Anne's first visit:

Mommy in her new earrings - Pandora earrings with August's birthstone in honor of SJ4.  Daddy did such a great job picking out a special present to celebrate Saunders IV's birthday.  I love them!


Tara said...

CONGRATULATION!!!! he is precious! I have been checking your blog like a mad woman to see him. I am super happy and excited for you guys. please let me know if you need anything.

Vanessa said...

Ok - so not fair that you look that great after a c-section and close to 9 pound baby! Can't wait to meet him! Get some rest and soak up this time! Love ya'll!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

The picture of KA kissing SJ4 is soooooooooooo sweet!! It makes me tear up!