Sunday, August 15, 2010

Putt Putt Golf!

This weekend was our last one as a family of three!  We wanted to do something fun and different together as a threesome before Baby Saunders arrives.  So, today we had a family fun day and went to play putt putt at our local park - also known as the most fun you can have for only $4!  That's right, folks - it was only $4 for our family to play 18 holes of putt put.  Now, the Dellinger Park putt putt is not a fancy place, but it was a great opportunity for us to take it slow, have a good time, and let Katie Anne practice her putting since it was her first time out.   

Even though she did get hot towards the end, Katie Anne had a great time playing putt putt.  She was our personal cheerleader, and she loved standing right beside us while we hit the ball, chanting some loud form of encouragement as we hit the ball.  :)  Of course, we cheered for her, too - but we gave her a little more room because she was a little wild with that backswing.  

For her first time, she did a good job and got better at hitting the ball as we progressed around the course.  Daddy showed her how to hold her club correctly, but she developed her own form that was a combination of golf/hockey/shuffleboard!  She also played a little fast and loose with the rules by moving her ball into great positions a few times while waiting on Mommy and Daddy to "tee off".

She tried really hard and was able to hit the ball into almost every hole.  When she set herself up a nice shot, she was usually able to hit it in about 3 shots ... when she actually had to "play it as it lies", it took her more like 5-7 shots to get it in the hole.  We still thought that was a great job for her first attempt!

It was a beautiful afternoon, and we did go out to play in the heat of the day (that's the only time the course is open).  I was a little worried since I'm, oh... less than 2 days away from giving birth.  However, I did fine in the heat - Katie Anne and Saunders were the sweaty ones!  We had one mishap - Katie Anne slipped and cut her knee on the edge of one of the holes, but she was really tough and barely cried at all.  She manned up and finished the game with very little complaining, and we were very proud of her (since her previous knee injury from school last week had been almost as serious as open heart surgery to her)!  Here are some more pictures and big events from our putt putt family fun!

Two serious golfers:
Golfing for two:
Her form is unusual:
But don't question it if it works!
Daddy on the "front nine":
This time, Katie Anne legitimately hit this one in the hole in only 2 shots:
She threw her putter down and celebrated with her version of the "Carling Birdie Dance" (for those Big Break fans out there):
I actually was snapping a picture when KA tripped and busted her knee next to the skunk:
Daddy checked her knee - which was pretty banged up - and gave her a little pep talk:
She was a very big girl about it and was immediately ready to continue, but Daddy did have to stand beside her while she hit around the "creepy guys" on the totem pole:
When we got to the hole where you have to hit across a narrow bridge and through a barn, I hit first and got a hole in one!  I was so proud of myself!  Then, Katie Anne stepped up, and guess what?  She hit a hole in one on the same hole, too!
The two hole-in-one girls posing in front of the little barn:
Poor Dad choked and could not make it a Jones family three-for-all on the barn hole.  However, on the last hole, if you get a hole-in-one and hit your ball into the mask's mouth, you win a free game...
And Daddy hit his hole-in-one of the day where it counted!  That's right, he hit his ball straight into the mask's mouth and won a free game for next time - woo hoo!!!

When we got home, I doctored up Katie Anne's bad knee.  She did not believe me when I said it wasn't going to be nearly as bad as she thought...
Here's her old daycare injury - barely healed - and her new golf injury...
But, Mommy took it very easy and KA took it like a pro - we got her all bandaged up with no tears!
It was such a fun family day!

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Trisha Jones said...

It looks like y'all had a great three-person family afternoon. Go Katie Anne! I'm a big believer in creating your own great technique... hence my excellent skills in Wii Bowling! Also, way to go KA on being so brave and taking that fall like a pro... then, for finishing the game with a whole-in-one like a pro... and finally for letting Mommy bandage up that awesome battle wound... like a pro.