Monday, August 30, 2010

SJ4's First Bath

SJ4's cord stump fell off at just 9 days old, which was a big surprise to us since Katie Anne's had taken about 3 weeks to fall off.  Since that happened, he was ready for his first bath last week, but we decided we'd tackle that little project this weekend.  So, he had his first bath last night!
Like his big sister before him - and probably most babies - he wasn't a huge fan of the bath.  He did like the warm washcloth being laid over him like a warm little blanket...
and he tolerated getting his hair washed pretty well...
But he wasn't much of a fan of the rest of the bathing process!
He had two experts bathers to assist him, of course!
Katie Anne was totally excited about helping with the bath, but this was the first time he'd really cried and cried.  Like any sweet big sister, she doesn't like to hear her baby brother cry, so that kind of stressed her out a little bit.  (She's not trying to put her fingers in her ears here... she's trying to push her hair back out of her way with wet hands.) 
She stayed with it and helped me all the way to the end, though.  By the way, Dad served as the official photographer/videographer for this SJ4 first.
Here's the poor boy all wrapped up in a cuddly towel, sucking his thumb and trying to recover.
Mommy with a fresh, clean baby.
After Baby SJ got all dried off, lotioned up, and bundled up in a vintage pair of pajamas that used to be Mommy's, he was still wondering, "What just happened to me!?!?"
Mommy wore these pj's, KA wore these pj's, and now SJ4's wearing them!
Once he was chilling in his vibrating seat while Mommy cleaned up the whole bath extravaganza and Daddy and KA played Barbies, he looked a little like a rapper with Donald Trump's hair.  Now that his hair is clean and fluffy, it cannot be tamed!
Big sis KA stopped playing long enough to run in and make sure that he's okay and calmed down:
I can't believe how quickly all these "firsts" are going with a second baby!


Jillian said...

He literally might be one of the cutest newborns ever! So cute!

Anjie said...

So handsome!! I'm sorry he didn't like his first bath. Miranda didn't appreciate it either. Try to sit back and enjoy, but keep the pictures coming! :)

Vanessa said...

So sweet! Enjoy each moment - it does go by way too quickly!

cindy glawson said...

Wow! He is growing so fast! Great pictures!

Tara said...

Oh my goodness I think he looks so much like KA. Such cute kiddos.

SGiles said...

He is so handsome!!! I am so glad that things are going so well for all of you!!!