Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Training Day: Bebe Pod

SJ got to take his first spin in the Bebe Pod the other day.  
He considered the Bebe Pod experience very seriously and carefully - as he does most everything.

At first he seemed to be really enjoying the freedom, independence, and autonomy said Bebe Pod provides.

But then he decided that perhaps he did not.

He really didn't have much time to consider it for himself because - after he'd been in the pod about 6 seconds - Big Sister called out, "Oh, he's using his little seat!!!" and came running over to pour on the lovin'.  And that meant he got dangerously close to tipping over ... and his little attempts at head and neck control were all messed up.

She is so crazy about him that sometimes it becomes just that - crazy.  God help him because she is all over him all the time ... hugging him, kissing him, rubbing his face, stroking his hair, patting his back, tickling his feet, holding his hands.  You know the line from that Blues Traveler song that says "I love you to the point you can no longer take"?  Well, that's how it is between SJ and KA sometimes - and this was one of those times.

Don't get me wrong - he's crazy about her, too.  He loves to look at her and listen to her and "talk" to her.  She can make him smile that big open-mouthed grin more quickly than anyone else - bar none.  I really think she is his favorite person right now.  But sometimes you can almost hear him thinking, "Get off me, woman!"  I think I caught a glimpse of him methodically planning her undoing in this picture...
I imagine him thinking in the voice of The Brain  ... "Yes, one day when I'm 6'4" and she's a measly 5'9", I shall repeatedly rub her face and see how she likes it!"

Oh, well, SJ...
there is some price that must be paid for your sister's undying love and utter devotion, and being pushed off balance in your Bebe Pod was the price for today.  Maybe next time, Bebe Pod...


Jillian said...

Too funny! He's SO serious!

Trisha Jones said...

What a funny kid KA is with her baby brother! It's great that she's so in love with him.

I totally love his facial expressions! They're all priceless.