Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seven Weeks Old!

SJ is seven weeks old today!

He is totally cute, totally cuddly, and totally sweet.  He really is a wonderful baby.  He's calm and doesn't cry much at all.  In fact, everyone remarks on how very serious he is ... he does love to smile, but he also makes a lot of very serious faces.  I guess he's got some deep thinking to do at such a young age!  I love that he's staying awake a lot more during the day so we can get to know his little personality.

Another thing everyone remarks on is his size.  
Why?  Because he is a total giant baby.
Crazily, we've had to move him up to ...
six months clothes!

That is no lie - that's a six month onesie he's wearing in these pictures.  Look how he fills up almost the whole changing pad, and he's not even two months old yet!

He started out life in three month clothes, so I guess that's a semi-normal progression to move up at this point.  Other than his round face and the several chins he's rocking, he's really not a chubby baby - his little body is not flabby at all.  He's pretty proportional in terms of height/weight - he's just so long.

In pajamas, his size is even more dramatic ... he's wearing nine months pajamas!  His three months pajamas had just gotten pitiful.  The arms had been a little short for a while, but because it wasn't that cold I didn't worry about that.  Then, they started getting more snug around the middle, and it got more difficult to snap them under his diaper.  Then, we had one terrible night in his three month pj's where he couldn't even straighten his little legs out.  Because of the pajama's footies, they were just way too short for his legs.  He would push his legs out against the footies and cry - poor baby!  

Of course I took him out of the too-small pajamas after just a little while - then I went and bought him new pajamas the next day.  I bought him some Carter's sixth month pajamas, and when Saunders got him dressed for bed that night he said, "I hate to tell you this - but these are still too small!"  The six months pair were fine around SJ's body, but they were still not long enough for him to straighten his legs out!  Plus, the arms of the sixth month size were still too short.  So, it was on to nine month pajamas - and I suppose he will also need nine months size for any of the little play outfits with footie bottoms.  Of course, they're loosey-goosey around his belly and chest, but they fit fine in terms of body length, arm length, and leg length.

The boy is just growing like a weed!  Even he's shocked by it!

And, does anyone else notice how much red he's 
rocking in that faux-hawk these days?

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cindy glawson said...

He may be a giant but he is the cutest little giant I have ever seen!