Friday, October 1, 2010

Bird Feeders

Although Katie Anne and I have cut back on our crafting to fit in baby care into our schedule, we're still finding time to do some fun crafts!  This week, we made some bird feeders to hang on the trees.  While both kids were asleep, I gathered up the supplies that we needed ... bird seed, peanut butter, and pieces of toilet paper and paper towel rolls.
Then, when both kids were awake, we headed out to the deck to make our feeders!  First, Katie Anne smoothed peanut butter around each roll:
Then she sprinkled and rolled the bird seed all over the peanut butter:
Although SJ4 couldn't exactly get into the craft, he did enjoy being outside and hanging out with us while we worked!
Of course, Katie Anne had a great time, too - she loves to make crafts!
Our last step was to slide the bird feeder tubs onto the tree branches around the deck, but I forgot to take a picture of them once we were done.  By the time I came out a few hours later to snap a photo of them, all the bird seed and most of the peanut butter was gone!  We had a great time making these bird feeders and have plans to make more this same way as well as some plans for feeders with Fruit Loops, too. 

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