Friday, October 29, 2010

Downtown Trick or Treating!

This afternoon, we headed downtown for Trick or Treating.  Katie Anne and I have never been able to do this activity because it always happens on an afternoon when I'm working.  So, since today was my last official day off on maternity leave (sad sad sad), I decided we'd make a trip downtown and let KA get some candy! 
It was insanely crowded!  I had no idea what to expect, but I never expected that many people to be there - the sidewalks were completely clogged with costumed kids and their parents.  When I saw all that, I abandoned the idea of the double stroller and put SJ in the Baby Bjorn.  Katie Anne made this picture of us:
Both kids were absolutely great during the trick or treating.  Katie Anne stayed right with me and held my hand or walked beside me the whole time.  SJ watched the crowds with amazement for about half the time, and then he fell asleep in the Bjorn for the rest of our walk.  I really needed both of their cooperation because it was tricky to navigate the crowds while also taking still pictures and video, too!  Luckily, they were so fabulous and made it a lot easier for me.  
Katie Anne and I walked for about a mile around Main Street and downtown, and she got lots of candy and had a great time!  Here are some more pictures of her trick or treating.
 Of course, she loved all the candy!  
Let the sugar high weekend begin!

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