Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last night, Katie Anne became an official Awana "Cubby" at the First Baptist Church.  
Lily McWhorter had asked Katie Anne to go to Cubbies for Bring a Friend Night a few weeks ago, and Katie Anne loved it.  She definitely wanted to go back, so she's been the last few Wednesdays in a row.  Ever since the first night, she's wanted to officially join the Cubbies so she could get the vest and bag that the other kids have.  So, last night I turned in all her paperwork and paid her money, and she's an official Cubby!  Can you tell she's totally pumped about her vest and bag?


She is so excited about earning badges for her vest like the other kids, and she learned her first Bible verse in just one day:

Hooray for Cubbies!


Vanessa said...

We're so glad Katie Anne is now a Cubbie with us! She'll have a vest full of badges soon!

Kelly said...

I don't think KA could get any cuter. Congratulations on your new Cubbie!

Pat said...

YAY for Cubbies!! Yay for Katie Anne!!