Saturday, October 3, 2009

Buzzy Buzzy Bumblebees

Today, Saunders went to Athens with his friends John, Ty, and Steve for the UGA vs. LSU game.  While he was gone, Katie Anne and I did some errands and last-minute birthday shopping preparations for tomorrow.  One stop we had to make was Target.  Saunders and I had seen some dog Halloween costumes in there a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd bring Katie Anne back to pick out a costume for Abby and Ginger.  So, today while we were in there, I let her pick two out for them.

She really deliberated on her choices!  Her first choice was for them to be lobsters... but, they didn't have Ginger's size, and she really wanted them both to be the same thing.  So, Katie Anne chose bumblebee costumes for both of them!  They look so cute in them (although neither of them are fans of the antennae head pieces)!
Buzz, buzz... how cute!

Ginger loves to dress in clothes, and she morphs into her complete bad-a$$ alter ego* whenever she's in a costume.  Look at that gnarly facial expression!  She's so tough.  Any German Shepard or Rottweiler would be terrified of that 14 pounds of bumblebee intensity!

*(Bad-a$$ to other dogs... not people.  She's always sweet to people.  Whenever she gets a shirt on - especially her little blue puffy vest - she thinks she is an ultimate fighting champion and tries to pick fights with any dogs, esp. poor little Abby.  Saunders calls her blue vest the "Vest of Invincibility" because she thinks she is untouchable in it.  I tell this story to people, and they don't believe it, but you just come over and watch her one time with that vest on.  My mom saw it a few weeks ago and couldn't believe the instant change.  It is totally hilarious!)

Abby just taking it all in.

See?  Ginger really loves dressing up.

Katie Anne gives treats to the good-natured bees, who are always more than happy to play dress up with Katie Anne.

Last but not least, the biggest bee in flight!  She buzzed by so fast with her treat, the camera couldn't focus on her!

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cindy glawson said...

Cute, cute, cute! Katie Anne did a great job of picking out the costumes!