Monday, October 5, 2009

Ding Dong ... Don't

Funny Story from Katie Anne's School...

For the past few weeks, Saunders has been trying to figure out the name of the lady who sits at the front desk at Katie Anne's school in the mornings.  Have you ever had one of those situations where you've already been introduced to someone, and they obviously know your name, but you've totally forgotten theirs... and you're too embarrassed to ask?  Well, that's what's been happening to Saunders.  Worse, when we trying to figure out who that person is and what their name might be this weekend, he thought he might have called her by the wrong name several times already.

So, this morning, he just decided to go to the source ... the knower of all things worth knowing ... our own fount from which all wisdom flows ... also known as Katie Anne Jones.

As they walked past the front desk...
Saunders: (whispering)  Hey, Katie Anne - who was that lady at the front desk?
Katie Anne: Who - that girl?
Saunders: Yes, that girl at the desk.
Katie Anne: Oh, that's Brinn.
Saunders:  Brinn?  Are you sure?
Katie Anne: Yes, Daddy, I'm sure.
After walking on for a few seconds more...
Katie Anne:  And Daddy, you don't call Brinn "Ding Dong".
Saunders: What are you talking about?
Katie Anne: Don't call Brinn "Ding Dong", Daddy.  That's rude.
Saunders: Who calls her "Ding Dong"?
Katie Anne: Fisher and Talon do that.

When Saunders was leaving a few minutes later, he wanted to say something to Brinn and test the correctness of the name (Katie Anne was right, by the way... it is Brinn).  So, he told Brinn that he'd heard about her nickname "Ding Dong" from KA.  She laughed and told him that some of the kids started calling her "Ding Dong" because of the sound the door alarm makes when you walk into the school.  Brinn guesses that, because they see her face greeting them every morning at the same time the door chime goes ding-dong, they just started associating that with her.

Well, someone has decided to break that habit, because Katie Anne is putting a stop to the "Ding Dong" nickname, one Daddy at a time.  I guess since she knows he's had trouble remembering Brinn's real name, she didn't want him falling into the "Ding Dong" word association trap like Fisher and Talon obviously have.  Since it is true that Saunders now knows he has called Brinn by the wrong name a few times, I guess Katie Anne's just taking wise precautions.  :)  Thank goodness we have her to keep us in the know!


Tara said...

very funny. What a little lady she is.

Vanessa said...

What a smart little girl she is!